JBpill When people ask, "Why do you want to admire and lust after JBs"


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Why don't we just say, "We hate women, so we want to dominate and control them, which is why we lust after jailbaits, who are the easiest for us to exploit"?

Might as well give up on talking about love, or cooperation, or mutual benefit, or anything like that, and just skip straight to, "Because we want to fuck their brains out while they howl in pain, out of our hatred for them."

We've been talking about being "girllovers" for years and it's gotten us nothing, because it sounds gay and pansy-assed and therefore not respectable. It would actually sound more masculine if we talked about wanting to hate-fuck young girls just out of a desire to torture the innocent and vulnerable. That's even why we would want to wife them up; so we could treat them as property that we're free to abuse, and force them to have kids that they'd need to spend time caring for rather than being powerful and successful career womyn.