We've witnessed a complete inversion of normal and healthy reproductive practices and preferences


Staff member
Dec 12, 2018

Men should be banging young girls, to produce healthy babies. But instead we have a situation where lusting after young girls is shamed, and we're encouraged instead to worship and compliment older foids, like this Jewish hag. We see this in a lot of pop culture -- like that film, Don Jon, where the protagonist ended up going for an older woman instead of the young girl. They're trying to program us to think of older femoids as being better because they're supposedly more mature, loyal, appreciative, etc. They even have sayings like, "they don’t yell and they don’t tell and they don't swell, and they’re as grateful as hell."

There are two sides to this coin -- not only the side of making us stay away from the young foids, but trying to condition us to cope with settling for older foids. They want to make us think that virginity in a femoid is actually undesirable, for instance.

Everything they tell us, though, is exactly the opposite of the truth. It's actually the younger foid who will be more manageable, more cooperative, more obedient, better in bed, more likely to be impressed with what you do for her, etc. They don't talk at all about the fact that as foids get older, their pussies aren't as tight anymore, which is very important.