JBpill Transgenderism x pedophilia

Feminists/liberals/progressives oppose any kind of pedophile practice (even peck-kissing 17 yo foids as an adult male, which qualifies as pedophilia for them) with the argument that such relationships cause trauma.

But what about the transgender shit they want to push onto little children? It's well-known that transgenders have a MUCH bigger suicide rate than average, even than people who were in relationships with adult people while underage.


Study Shows Shocking Rates of Attempted Suicide Among Trans Teens | Human Rights Campaign


Data suggests that being a transgender is worse psychology-wise on average than having been part on a pedophilic relationship, at the younger end of it.

They can say shit like "oh, but transgenders are only killing themselves so much because of prejudice from society!" To which I respond, couldn't it also be that the supposed trauma of the underage girls who had relationships with adult men was caused by society's reaction to it? If so, you'd be furthering such trauma with all the talk regarding it as something heinous.

They will then probably say, "but transgenderism is something consensual while pedophilia is not". First off, is pushing transgenderism onto impressionable young children consensual? How do you know some who wouldn't normally become transgender won't do it after being exposed to such shit?

Also, if a 17 yo girl can't consent, do you really think a person who is mentally ill enough to do this (warning: NSFW) to himself can? I think the 17 yo girl is on average in a MUCH better mental state to make important decisions. Even a foid much younger than that is, tbh.


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It's a good point. The LGBT movement has gone down the road of saying even minors can realize they're transgender; plus, they want to intervene before boys reach puberty and testosterone turns them irreversibly into men. But people refuse to say that minors can realize they're attracted to adults.