Video The pool game megathread


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Hey @Cancel What do you think of the girl on the left (in the white bikini) in the first vid? In the second vid, if you had to choose a girl, which would it be (left or right)?


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Firstly, I'd fuck them all
1) Love the white bikini body, the bubbly personality of the middle, and the hair of the other (though she seems kinda shy but lol at not jumping in at the end)
Love how the mom or older sister is begind the camera. (i guess older foids are good for something)
2) Like both but that top of the left girl is pissing my off. Girl, you don't need a top because your tits are non-existent. (love the move at 1:20 with the hair and the wiggle, and 2:17 hip movements)
Like how as the vid went on they became more silly and giggly. I'd have to show these girls enough vids to give them something to smile about
3) Conflicted, or may I say eclectic taste in how I love the toned torsos as well as slightly pudgy nature of mini-foids. Variety is the spice of life, but the food is jailbait pussy.
Just at 2:51, the fatter one would be so soft and warm while the more toned one might be a bit bony and not as comfortable to cuddle with.