SHOAHED The cute Latina in shirt and panties megathread

Jan 20, 2019
first i would insert objects in her vagina, so the vagina can be resilient and strong, then i would kiss her on the lips and put my hands in her pants. after training i would take her out for ice cream or whatever she desires, over time she will build a connection. i will starve her in terms of sexual contact, this will make her crazy for me. this will give me control, letting her know that i can be loving and stern.

i would then move on to blowjobs, i'll have to give her lolis and sweets shaped like a dick to get her in the mood. this will get her aroused and trained. i will then teach her about sex and how to please a man. making her study will rid her of innocence and improve performance. i would start gently, upping the ante till she become a living breathing fuck doll