Beautiful Los Hermanos


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Dec 12, 2018
The frontman of this Brazilian band was the ultimate romantic truecel, all the songs on their first album were about romantic frustration with foids and he actually got punchmogged by the frontman of another BR famous band who was a total thug (Charlie Brown Jr).


But he ascended through his fame and acquired a lovely adorkable 14yo gf at like 30yo. I was so happy for him, one of the few happy endings we see in today's world. Pretty comfy songs, best Brazilian band IMO. I actually met their drummer once. Will dump some of my favorites:

This one is about seeing your onitis getting with another man

I'm pretty sure this one is about a relationship with a much younger foid.

This one is about staying home fucking your 14 yo gf during summer instead of going out with the normies.

This is a very pretty song about being an irredeemable romantic.