JBpill I Think There Is An "Age Sweet Spot" For The Best JB Fuck You Can Have


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Jan 1, 2019
All jail bait is good jail bait at the end of the day, but I think the sweet spot for the most enjoyable experience is around age 13

Here's why: Young enough that there's innocence, old enough that you can see said innocence turn into lust

If you are having sex with a female who is 12 or lower, she's "too innocent", you won't really see any "lewd faces", you won't see her blushed cheeks and that look of shame turn into smirk, watch her give into her carnal self as you enlighten her to carnal knowledge, all you're going to see is a face of confusion, she may or may not be aroused, but she'll definitely be more confused than anything.

If you're having sex with a female who is 14 and up (17 max for jail bait status), that's a complete waste of time, at 14 she very likely will not be a virgin in these times, even if she is, she'd likely be very sexually experienced, this very little pleasure you could show her that she hasn't given herself by experimenting with her hands and using various objects, you won't get to observe the wonder of the transition from innocence to lust, like getting to see a lunar eclipse, the innocence is likely already gone.

I think 13 is that sweet spot, maybe even a little lower or higher because there are exceptions and many variables to consider, so lets say from 12 to 14, those 3 ages, but outside of that, you won't get the best experience possible.


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Dec 30, 2018
There is a difference between females from different races. Blacks become hot at age 9-10; browns at 10-11; whites at 11-12; yellows at 12-13. Left-Wing egalitarians, who are disproportionately Jewish, are as Blue Pilled about the racial aspects of age as they are Blue Pilled about age's sexual aspects.

My preference is for 13-16, so I guess 14 years and 6 months would be the SCIENTIFICALLY PRECISE (BEEP BOOP AUTISM INTENSIFIES) SWEET SPOT for me personally; but this is irrelevant, as each man has his own preferences, and also, different foids mature differently; some are very hot at 13, others become very hot at 17, etc. It depends on the rate of development of the secondary sexual characteristics, aka boobs, round ass, wide hips, high waist-to-hip ratio, pubic hair, and all that stuff. The important thing to remember is that even if your preference is for foids aged 35, as long as you recognize that every healthy heterosexual man would bang every fertile female if he could, it's all good and acceptable. It is nigh time that men cease out-grouping each other based on idiosyncratic preferences. Male sexuality should unite us rather than dividing us!