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Jan 1, 2019
@Leucosticte thread here is what brought this "trick" back into my memory - https://jbpill.is/conversations/if-you-want-to-join-us-when-were-streaming-nudist-jbs.4/

Most of you have likely already thought of this

I used to browse the deep web a bit (using Tor), I never found anything worth downloading. I'd recommend not wasting your time on the deep web, there isn't any good stuff there, its all like 240p and 144p crap for the "un-tame" stuff, and you can find better "tame stuff" on google or any search engine if you willing to take the time to look and filter through them.

Example - nudist beach family at DuckDuckGo

Unless you are L337 and good at coding, hacking, etc and can get into the secretive communities that have "good stuff", don't bother looking, also I'd say its not worth it even trying to join such communities even if you have the skills because there is likely always a mole in these communities and they are likely to get busted/raided at some point and off to jail you go.

Don't go for illegal stuff, find legal loopholes (e.g. "nudist content", if you were arrested for "being in possession of" CP for having images of families on a nudist beach, then the people who uploaded said nudist images would also be liable for "distributing" CP)

Well back to the point, one thing I discovered for myself was due to the rules I heard about for browsing with Tor, I saw a page stating to never download images or videos, so I started thinking - "how do I download the content without actually utilizing my network connection", and it dawned upon me, it was so damn simple.

Images - Screenshot Software
Videos - Screen Recording Software

Its weird how simple this is yet you don't hear people talking about it much when it comes to downloading content that you could get in trouble for.

Don't save the image via download, just screenshot it, paste it in an image editor and save

Don't save the video via download, start it and let it buffer for a while for smooth playthrough, open to full screen, max out volume (or set to appropriate level), put headphones/headset in so it isn't audible, press record on whatever screen record software you have, leave it up while you do something else, set an alarm on your phone or something that's the length of the video duration so you can come back and stop the process when its finished, you can trim out any unwanted scenes/segments with video editing software.

(Make sure to set your computer to not turn off display or enter sleep mode no matter the duration it is left uninterrupted for, or you'll just waste your time and record black screen)

That's it, you've successfully downloaded content when you literally downloaded nothing, there was no tangible transfer of data that showed you downloaded anything. The data will show that you accessed a page or played a video though, but again this is for content that is a "loop hole" to begin with and not illegal stuff, as a just in case use a VPN.

I don't know of any good free VPN's though, any recommendations would be appreciated.

The only way you can get caught using this, is if your computer was already infected and being mintored to begin with, so who ever is watching knows you used a trick to still download the content, which is why I always recommend saving these files to external storage from your screenshot/screen record software, if worst comes to worst you toss a flash drive/hard drive in your microwave and start it up.
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