Does anyone else here have that fetish where when they see a girl with a tight ass they just kinda want to lick it?


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(I don't mean lick her buttocks, but her actual ass)

Maybe it's just because I've been conditioned to want to want to spoil a femoid by licking her pussy, her ass, etc. when really in a properly male-dominated society, she would be the one wanting to worship my genitals and lick my ass, so she could please me. Fuck it, though; I will enjoy a cute jailbait however I want, if given the chance. I'll take and enjoy her and explore her body every way I want, if I feel like it.
I'm not really into any kind of submissive sexual act but if the girl was really young, a confirmed virgin and looked clean maybe I'd do that.

I'd rather she rims me tbh. But perhaps this is too lewd for a young JB.


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You guys are fucking perverts! I would never want a foid to lick my anus. Our stinking, hairy, muscular crap-holes should be for ourselves only. In contrast, the female anus, with no signs of a COCK next to it, is hot, and deserving of some action; albeit not necessarily of the tongue variety. I mean, when I licked Einat's anus, it was an "okay" experience; jizzing inside of it was a way superior thing.

I did not allow her to come close to my crap-hole, because it is "ewww," "yuck," and even -- day I say it -- "gross."


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I don't like the question since by saying it's a "fetish" means that it's somehow unnatural or wrong. This is me all the time.

I think they'd be nothing better than having a girl do a strip show for you, teasing you with her tight little ass and then have you peel off her skin-tight pants. She'd dance around some more, showing off her moves. And then you can enjoy the amazing tightness and her firm body and explore her regions with your tongue.