Anyone Else Have A Fantasy ?


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Jun 8, 2019
Found this off of TGKBBS


Episode 1 “The Bar-Mitzvah”

A sleazy sex club inside a repurposed meat factory. The walls covered in blood and meat hooks with meat carcasses still on but already rotting with flies around them.

People are dressed in fetish gear and Eyes Wide Shut outfits. A tranny DJ is playing some sleazy techno song with samples made from the moans of children from child porn movies.

Everyone is high on drugs. A fat Jew is sitting on a leather chair with 2 11-year old girls in bikinis around him. On the floor is a 3rd young girl. A Jewish whore is whipping her, she cries. The fat Jew puts some cocaine on her face and snorts cocaine mixed with her tears. He feels extra high. Everyone is laughing a wicked Jewish laugh.On the dancepole are 2 gay males strippers kissing.

Suddenly all the music stops and the club goes dark, only 1 corner of the room is lit. A deer is hanging and wriggling tied to the ceiling. Some Satanist women preacher comes and kosher slaughters the Deer. The cut on his neck causes blood to fall on the ring bellow where 2 fat Jewish lesbians are having sex under some really high-tempo techno music.Everyone is going wild as they are witnessing the scene.

A Jewish businessman approaches the fat Jew and says"Shalom Moishe, how is business?"

“Shalom Ezekiel, same as usual, I brought you some nice little handkerchiefs to play pizza on cheese and dominoes if you know what I mean. A tribute from our faithful goy-servant Hillary”

“Ah, how majestic”. He looks at the trafficked and drugged Palestinian girls with dead looks on their face. “I will have them delivered to Epstein’s island for our next trip there”.

A Jewish woman then comes and takes the leash that the girls have on them and leads them out.

“Let’s move to somehwere more intimate, this loud music is grating on my ears”.

Meanwhile the music keeps playing. Some gay nigger MC sings "muh bitches … muh dick … muh bitches … muh dick … " as White hookers are twerking. Lasers and smoke is everywhere. On the projector a video is playing with crude animations of Christ boiling in feces.

On the opposite side on a red leather couch the producer of the BLACKED porn company is happily smoking a blunt and drinking vodka mixed with extasy alongside a black and a white porn actress smiling and enjoying the scene.

A Jewish rabbi jumps on the scene and starts rapping along with the schwarze gay MC. He is rapping verses from the talmud and then starts chanting demon names in his rap verses with a dramatic tone, in rythm with the techno music “Elohim … Seraphim … Cheruvim … Beliar … Belzebuth … Nosferatu … Golden Calf … give me strength, teach me lies, chosen live, goyim die”

The crowd is enjoying the kosher rave but the 2 Jewish business men have already entered a separate room. In it Ben Shapiro, George Soros and other big Jews are enjoying the quiet as well as some fine Irish whiskey on a rare redwood table alongside a fire place. On the wall is a bookshelf with all the Talmud collection.

“Shalom, may the chosen live forever”
“Shalom, may the goyim serve as us cattle” says George Soros in Yiddish
“Shabat Shalom” replies everyone else.

“Excuse us gentlemen, we have some very private business to discuss” as they retire to another even more secluded office. It is the main office of the fat Jew.

“I congratulate you with your son’s bar-mitzvah. Here is a gift from me.” He hands him a unique golden Iphone X with diamonds encrusted. On the screen the X is replaced with a different sign, one Jews use in order to not use a cross, so as to not reference Jesus. The cross was also removed from the keyboard software and the phone auto-correct God to G-d.

“A gift from one of our favorite goys Tim Cook”

“Excellent” chuckles the fat Jew," I will make sure to send him some pizza handkerchiefs for his chickenlover party.

“Eishua, come here” he says to his son. The son is one corner of the room in the lap of his fat mom who is breastfeeding the 14-year old child.

Eishua, the slighlty retarded, small-framed child with a slackjaw, bloodshot eyes and curls on the sides of the head jumps and comes to take the iphone his orthodox outfit still on.He smiles with saliva coming from one corner of his mouth. He then smokes a cigarrete and goes back to his mom in the corner.

“All is good Moishe”, says Ezekiel to Moishe, “but I didn’t come for pleasure, it’s about business”

“I listen” says the fat Jew Moishe.

"I’m worried. Ever since I was made representative for South America you know well that things have gone amazing. G-d knows I have been trying. Feminsits are running like crazy. Drugs still flow, goyim children are coming for organ harvesting. I installed our shabbos goy bolson around and am working to take down Maduro and replace him with a goy who will be more … cooperating "

“Yes, and ?” Asks Moishe

“South America is going great. We have even arrested store Spanish goy fools who wrote for the Daily Stor…”

“DO NOT PRONOUNCE THAT NAME !” Moishe screams angrily.

“Sorry, for you know who”

Moishe cools down, “so what is the issue ? don’t try to pipul me like you are selling a used condom to a goy you stole in the first place, jsu say it”

"South America is great but Europe and the US worries me. Those french Yellow vest goys are going crazy, in the US they still have no Holocaust denial laws and … "

Moishe just laughs smugly. “My friend, is that what worries you ? Ah, such trivialities …” he says with a smirk.

“But …” Ezekiel wants to reply

“Those European goys are rowdy, like a stripper from Tel-aviv when you put some coins instead of bills in her panties”, Moishe intrerupts, “but it will calm down. Trust me, we’ve been through this many times. This is no kristallnacht just another Tuesday and goys are just shoving around like cattle before kosher slaughter helpless to avert their fate”. He continues, “What will they do ? They have no guns, they can’t deny the shoah they can’t get out of the EU even when thy vote for it. Hell they can’t even say stuff on the u imternet without having children taken away. This nationalism is just a fad. Most young people love the EU anyway. The Elder Council knew what they did when u they chose George Soros to be the leader for Europe.”

“If anything, I would be worried about Asia. Those goddamn Asians just can’t be reasoned with. They know us and nour tactics and calls us out in the open, plus we can’t even blend in their society and they ain’t having no race mixing. But anyway, all just a matter of time”

“What about America ?” asks Moishe.

Ezekiel looks to the side a bit as if slightly disappointed “well, I’ll tell you what, Greenblatt ain’t no u foxman. I am missing Abe. I really don’t really understand what the Council of Learned Elders thought when they chose him”

But he regains compure and says on a more positive note “But either way everything is going well. The right wing worships us as gods. My favorite boy Shapiro makes sure thy don’t forget to throw shekels to Israel. And Jared has Trump by the balls, he sure as hell doesn’t want us to reveal his multiple sexcapades. Plus, Trump is helping you with Venezuela”

Ezekiel smiles “That is true”, feeling relieved.

“So you can be calm. As you can see I have Ben and George in the other room today, we are making sure to keep everything in check. Don’t get too worried about setbacks, get anxious over nothing is for goys, keep calm, we have the Protocols guiding us, everything will happen as predicted in the Talmud”.

“The third temple is coming” says Ezekiel omniously

“It sure is and Amalek cannot stop it”

Ezekiel feels completely relieved.

“Well, it was nice to have you friend. Be assured everything will be alright and keep up the great job with South America. I am in continuous contact with the Council of Elders. The 12 learned elders’ Will never fail us. Goy u shiskas with bib boobs and coke are waiting for you in the party room, enjoy. I would like to spend some time with my son. It is his Bar u mutzvah after all”

Ezekiel nods and leaves, nodding and waving to Eishoa, Moishe’s son, the celebrated child before closing the door.

Moishe lights up a cigar and grabs a glass of whiskey as he approaches his son who is playing Angry Birds with a retard smile on his face and glasses still on. His mom already left to cook some home-made kosher meat. As rich as Moishe was, he preffered his wife’s awful food and getting berated and hit with a spoon by his bossy wife to any expensive restaurant. Nothing cozier for a true Jew than that.

“Son, I have to tell you something” says Moisha. His son looks up with his thin neck and recessive chin bulging out.


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Jun 8, 2019

“Today son, is a special day. You have become a man, you are not a boy anymore. As such I need to tell you, you are special.”

The boy says “I know”.

“Yes, you are chosen like all of Jews. But you are a chosen among chosen. You are the tool of the Kohanim, our weapon of salvation, our key to the third temple”

Eishua looks a bit confused but curious.

“You are part of a prophecy predicted in the Talmud, you have a special role. On the day you were born blood spilled out of the Wailing Wall. It’s a sign, something that was predicted Almost 1000 Years ago by a very wise rabbi. You will be the key to bringing back the third temple”

Eishua is fully curious but needs time to process that.

Seeing his son overwhelmed his dad says "but let’s not worry about that, you will have time to learn the details. For now, let’s enjoy the party. They go to a special staircase that leads them to balcony where they can hear and see the debauchery underneath in full glory. The orgy of blood, sex, drugs, race mixing, ugliness, hedonism, blasphemy, bestiality, scat, human sacrifices and child abuse. All the spectacle of gore and excess made entrancing by the rapid electronic music and stroboscopes.

You could see some big name public figures in the crowd below, businessmen, politicians, entertainers. Some of them goys, the most trusted ones, the most faithful servants of the Jewish cause with plenty of blackmail on them and a killswitch implanted next to their heart that would allow them to be killed via blowing their heart up as soon as it was suspected they were disloyal.

Someone blabbers something into the ear receiver of Moishe, one you couldn’t notice, as it was deep in his ear, but was always there, to inform him if something important was coming up or if danger was approaching and it was time to flee. The dad says this to his son who was just watching with a neutral expression “the biggest act is about to start just now.”

Outside the re-purposed meat factory Abigail Shapiro was holding a goy by the hand. “Follow me, I’ll show you where the secret rave is”.

“Are you sure it is here ? It looks abandoned” he asks unable to take his eyes away from her impressive Khazar Milkers.

“Oh, I’m sure. We’ll have lots of fun there” she whispers and then licks his ear.

The poor goy felt the danger but was too charmed by Abigail’s titties and the thought of smashing that night to not let himself get lead by his other head. A poor sucker in celebration, too desperate for pussy to even care about his life. A fly falling right into the honey-trap of a Jewish Succubus.

As they enter the place and walk through a dark corridor they start slowly seeing a blue light, then hear the music more loud and louder. Eventually they enter the room.The music, the rotting meat on hooks, the sexual debauchery on the scene shocked the previously celebrating goy. Trannies, lesbians, old and young all having sex in a pool if sweat, blood and feces. He feels nauseated and wants to leave.

Too late. 2 bodyguards grab him and drag him on a stage. The announcer screams “the goyim sacrifice has arrived”

The crowd roars in ecstasy, aroused to high heavens and screams in unison “PURGE THE GOY, PURGE THE GOY”.

The poor sap is shitting his pants, adding to the already fecal stench in the air. Abigail comes closer to him and tells him calmly “don’t worry, you won’t die and we can have fun afterwards” as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

The guards hold his hands tight as a rabbi approaches. He asks Abigail “is the goy intact ?”.
“Yes, a pure goy specimen, as required” she smiles like a devil. The rabbi smiles too and laughs “Good”.

He takes the microphone and says “Ladies and gentlemen as well as all the other genders out there. We are happy that you came to Eishua’s Bar Mitzvah tonight”. There he is in the lobby.
Everyone claps, cheers and whistles looking at him.

“Now the time has come for the main act of tonight. The goy sacrifice”

The goy is even more nervous and pisses himself.

"He will sacrifice that which is most dear to a goy. That which separates goys from humans … "

He pauses dramatically and the crowd is waiting quietly for the answer, the few seconds seem like an eternity, the suspense is intense.

Finally after 3 seconds the rabbi screams the answer


The crowd jumps and screams in enthusiasm.

“No, no, no” says the goy, “not the foreskin. Anything but the foreskin”.

“This is our gift to Yahweh tonight ! The foreskin of a goy !”

The crowd keeps chimping out like niggers when the welfare office closes in their neighborhood.

The rabbi then turns to the goy victim “G-D wills it” as he takes out the scalpel.

The goy is struggling like crazy. The guards needed entire 2 minutes to take his piss and shit-stained pants off.

The rabbi grows impatient and says “Let me do it”.

With his whole force he tries to take off the underwear, pissed, shitted and sweated to high hell. Finally, he succeeds.

“Now’s the time, stop fighting stupid goy !”

He tries to grab his dick but his wiggling is causing the dick to jump around and hit the rabbi in the face with it.

The rabbi then gets mad and tries to hit his dick with a scalpel but misses every time due to the goy shifting around.

Finally the rabbi had enough. In full anger he fixes his collar and says “I’ll do it rabbinically”, the helper next to him says “but what will people think ? It will look weird to go rabbinical on a goy”

He replies impatiently “FUCK YOUR OPTICS ! I’M GOING IN !”

He then jumps towards his crotch with his mouth open trying to bite his piss-stained foreskin. As his mouth is one inch away from the dick the goy closes his eyes and cringes in preparation for the inevitable. The rabbi is about to bite when suddenly …

A shotgun fires.

In the crowd one member in a Eyes Wide Shut outfit just shot the ceiling with a shotgun.

People run away and look in terror. The person is standing quiet alone with the shotgun still pointing to the ceiling and the barrel still smoking. On the ceiling a LED lamp was shot and is now blinking.

He then slowly takes off his mask, but it’s too dark to see his face. He snaps his fingers and the soundtrack changes. Instead of rave music, “Turbo Killer” by Carpenter Brut starts playing. He stands in half darkness. Everyone looking at him is stunned by shock and cannot move, and can only watch mesmerized. He stays quiet for a while but as soon as the song is close to the drop he breaks the silence and screams


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Jun 8, 2019

The song’s drop section kicks in as he shoots the shotgun in the crowd. The power of shotgun custom Plutonium slug from his modified shotgun causes a hit so powerful that it not only penetrates 5 bodies in the crowd but also causes a shock-wave, knocking back 20 people like bowling pins.

People panic and start running away. The rabbi drops the circumcision and runs away, the guards release the goy, who then runs terrified in a corner and curls himself and cries in fear.

The gunman shoots two guards with the shotgun. He gets shot but his dragonscale class 5 special forces-only armor makes the hits feel like minor taps.

He then shoots another guard and then hits a gay male stripper.

People are running to exits but it’s too crowded and they are too slow.

Once the shooter runs out of all the ammo from his double extended magazine with 30 shots in total he drops the rare shotgun he has and pulls out from his back a flamethrower.

The decommissioned Vietnam flame thrower turns the crowd into grilled chicken.

By now Moishe and his son escaped through a secret escape and left in an armored limousine still sweating bullets.

One tranny throws a knife at the shooter. The shooter is wounded in the neck and seems to fall on his knees, stopped.

The people slowly calm down and some come back to see the wounded man, no longer much of a threat.

As they are ready to grab him by the neck however, he opens a bottle of red pills and eats some.

Suddenly he stands up, pulls the knife from his wound and stops bleeding. He then gets insanely angry, his face turns red like a tomato and veins pop off, he screams and rips his clothes. His muscles laid bare, bulging powerful muscles making him look more like a gorilla than human. A powerful erection almost rips his pants as he screams with the power of an angered God, the sound making people go almost deaf and making the Earth and ground tremble, glass break, sanities disappear


He then pulls out a machete and jumps on the crowd. Guards try to shoot him down with sub-machine guns, but it’s too late, it seems like the pills made him immune to bullets.

A gory massacre followed, skin, bones, eyeballs, organs, pieces of brain flying everywhere, ripped with bare hands. The few fools who dared come back and surround him met their gory demise.

In the meantime the goy victim is crying in the corner too paralyzed by fear to move. Still crunching himself and crying laying on his left side.

Suddenly the noises stop. A nervous silence sets in the air, the only thing heard is heavy breathing.

Suddenly he hears footsteps. He opens his previously closed eyes for a few seconds, it’s the gunman. Covered in blood and guts, approaching him

The goy continues to cry like a bitch and soils himself yet again, this time he is with no underwear and so he ends up staying in a pool of piss. As the shooter approaches his fear turns to panic and he also vomits out of stress, right on his naked dick.

The gunman finally came close, the goy is waiting the inevitable gory execution. The killer though, says calmly “who are you kid ?”

The kid shocked replies meekly “J-j-osh”

“Nice to meet you Josh, I am Alex Jones from Infowars. What you just saw was an Illuminati Nazi Globalist blood party organized by the Rothschilds and other Globalists”

“Which Globalists ? Jews ?”

Alex laughs “Jews are mere peons, I am talking about the big fish”

The kid asked startled “who ?”

Alex Jones gets close to his vomit-dirtied face and looks him right in the eyes with the most serious look imaginable and after a short silence says “The Chinese and Arabs that control Hollywood. They are turning the frogs gay”.

The kid looks surprised and suddenly bursts one last small vomit projectile, just a chaser.

Luckily Alex’s lighting fast reflexes allow him to dodge it in time.

He says “Yeah kid, I get it. When I first found out about the Globalists I also shat myself and was pissed, just like you, and was so disgusted I wanted to vomit just like you”. The kid doesn’t know how to reply.

Alex Jones stands and says “get up, I have some stuff that will make you fell better”.

The kid tries to stand up, still shaken and uncoordinated and after falling one time due to slipping on his own piss, shit and vomit, he was standing and trying to scrape off at least some of the vomit off his body.

As he stands there with no underwear or trousers, his vomit-covered dick peeking under his video game-inspired t-shirt, Alex hands him his bottle of red pills. “Here take some of these”

He reads the bottle, it says “Super Male Vitality”. He takes a few, suddenly his fear disappears, his mind is clear and he gets a small boner.

— End of Chapter 1 —