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  1. Surreal

    Sassy girls practicing future Stacy poses

    Hot stuff.
  2. Surreal

    Surreal still has zero threads

    Hit me with the ban hammer, motherfucker. I'm an Accelerationist; I want this to be over with.
  3. Surreal

    JBpill The greatest JBpill ever

    Oh my Satan, is she a Palestinian hybrid or something? At 16, deserves to have her house bulldozed and family expelled to Lebanon.
  4. Surreal

    Surreal still has zero threads

    You know what? I'll respect your rules. Yes, you are a masochist who enjoys being mistreated by the people you pick up fights with, but whatever - I have more important projects going on than feeding your masochism by unnecessarily abusing you. As I am fond of saying, "Men should not rape each...
  5. Surreal

    Surreal still has zero threads

    Take revenge; tell Einat bad things about me:
  6. Surreal

    Surreal still has zero threads

    PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER PIPER CHANGE HER DIAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Surreal

    Surreal still has zero threads

    The rules don't require me to make threads in the gallery section. You should follow Moldbuggian Formalism and make it a formal requirement for participation; alternatively, you can ban me from posting because I kill your buzz. I want drama, Nathan, you kiddie-diddling Amerimutt ice-nigger. I...
  8. Surreal

    JBpill Lolicon Music Thread

  9. Surreal

    [Public poll] What do you consider yourself?

    Nah, I'm taking inspiration from Herr Doctor Professor 165-IQ genius Kevin MacDonald, who is correct about all issues, such as white society going just fine until a bunch of Jewish intellectuals in the 1910s commenced emitting evil mind control rays against white society. /sarcasm I maintain...
  10. Surreal

    [Poll] How pedophilic are you?

    Females on average become hot at 12, their SSCs developing between 11 and 14; but I'd fuck a 10-year-old if she showed me that she's really into me. It needs to be borne in mind that while men generally aren't horny for 10-year-olds, it is the 10-year-olds who are horny for men! This is a point...
  11. Surreal

    [Public poll] What do you consider yourself?

    And yet who introduced it to modern speech, if not the ((()))s? I blame Freud for this crap. The Greeks had no idea that men can have "philias" for specific ages, which -- so the Jews tell us -- need to be pathologized and classified and analyzed, because the Jews hate normalcy.
  12. Surreal

    JBpill I Think There Is An "Age Sweet Spot" For The Best JB Fuck You Can Have

    There is a difference between females from different races. Blacks become hot at age 9-10; browns at 10-11; whites at 11-12; yellows at 12-13. Left-Wing egalitarians, who are disproportionately Jewish, are as Blue Pilled about the racial aspects of age as they are Blue Pilled about age's sexual...
  13. Surreal

    [Poll] How ephebophilic are you?

    I voted "very" but this is yet another opportunity for me to remind you that Long Words ending in (((philia))) are Cultural Marxist Jewish nomenclature concocted by psychiatrists, academics, sociologists, and other leftist Jews, i.e., people who are basically "mood-swing weathermen" whose...
  14. Surreal

    If you had a teenage daughter and could get her pregnant without there being a risk of birth defects, how badly would you want to do it?

    Nope. On the contrary: marriage-by-abduction should be legal in order to prevent DADDY from being selfish and not giving away his daughter to someone who doesn't share 50% of his genes with her, such as me for instance. It's not that I give a rat's ass if DADDY wants to turn his daughter into a...
  15. Surreal

    [Public poll] What do you consider yourself?

    Leucosticte, you should be ashamed of yourself for buying into this Jewish propaganda about "philias" and "phobias." No such thing. All normal non-degenerate men would fuck every fertile female if they could, minus immediate family - and sometimes not even minus immediate family. (Foids are...
  16. Surreal

    [Public poll] What do you consider yourself?

    None of this leftist kike jargon. I am a healthy heterosexual man with a somewhat high sex drive. That is all, folks.
  17. Surreal

    [Poll] How nepiophilic are you?

    I'd rather kill a baby than fuck it, tbh fam.
  18. Surreal

    [Poll] How teleiophilic are you?

    You need to be a defective to not be a "teleiophile." Why are you, fellow right-wing extremists on a mega-reactionary forum, using this kike jargon? Every words that ends in "philia" or "phobia" is a Cultural Marxist Jewish lie promoted by the Freudians and the Frankfurt Schoolers and so on and...
  19. Surreal

    Does anyone else here have that fetish where when they see a girl with a tight ass they just kinda want to lick it?

    You guys are fucking perverts! I would never want a foid to lick my anus. Our stinking, hairy, muscular crap-holes should be for ourselves only. In contrast, the female anus, with no signs of a COCK next to it, is hot, and deserving of some action; albeit not necessarily of the tongue variety. I...
  20. Surreal

    [Poll] How hebephilic are you?

    I would like to quote here two relevant posts from Jim's blog. Eternal Anglo writes: "When I was 13, I fantasized about fucking nubile 13 year olds with budding yet not insubstantial breasts. And the prettiest girl I know, a beautiful, cheerful, high-IQ slut, started fucking at 13." Koanic...