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  1. Leucosticte

    Sassy girls practicing future Stacy poses

    So that means if I say I'm a pedo, I want to rape a baby up the %#@&
  2. Leucosticte

    Sassy girls practicing future Stacy poses

    Maybe we should've called this ""
  3. Leucosticte

    Why don't you all move to Japan, where you can find many junior idols?

    Hey blkpillpres, have you been checking out; it's more active lately and I've been pedoposting there.
  4. Leucosticte

    JBpill-friendly play?

    They moved the URL; try now.
  5. Leucosticte

    JBpill-friendly play?
  6. Leucosticte

    Topfree The eyeshade megathread

  7. Leucosticte

    Topfree The licking her tit megathread

  8. Leucosticte

    The braces megathread

  9. Leucosticte

    The braces megathread

  10. Leucosticte

    The braces megathread

  11. Leucosticte

    A classic post from

    Yeah, and now that she just recently became eligible for Social Security, she was talking about retiring from her job. I was like, "If you do that, then I dropped out for nothing." It would kinda like how Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the Supreme Court to care for her ailing husband, and then...
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    A classic post from

    My mom's co-workers and boss pressured her to pressure me to drop out.
  13. Leucosticte

    A classic post from

    [Blackpill] - You are a bluepilled, virtue signaling cuck if you reject Nathan Larson for Congress.
  14. Leucosticte

    Why can't I have a lime?

    Why must I settle for the juicer or the knife?
  15. Leucosticte

    Humbertfuel Download Dissenter!

    Some people say they might not be pedo-friendly, though. I guess we'll see. Guess it’s time to start using Dissenter
  16. Leucosticte

    SHOAHED The little girls doing gymnastics megathread

    Aaand it's gone.
  17. Leucosticte

    Humbertfuel Download Dissenter!

    So now you can continue leaving pervy comments on YouTube vids of little girls doing gymnastics and yoga challenges, even after they've disabled the comments. For Firefox: Dissenter Extension – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)
  18. Leucosticte

    Fantasy This YT Vid IS Pretty Fappable JFL

    Or, it just gives him an excuse to watch that stuff on YouTube.