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    A classic post from

    [Blackpill] - You are a bluepilled, virtue signaling cuck if you reject Nathan Larson for Congress.
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    Why can't I have a lime?

    Why must I settle for the juicer or the knife?
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    Humbertfuel Download Dissenter!

    So now you can continue leaving pervy comments on YouTube vids of little girls doing gymnastics and yoga challenges, even after they've disabled the comments. For Firefox: Dissenter Extension – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)
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    The reason parents dress their little girls up like sluts is

    They feel proud of their daughter's body, which they produced with their genetics; and they get off on admiring their own daughter's sexy body, and on showing her off to others, and getting attention that way; and They want their daughter to already start getting the benefits that come from...
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    JBpill When people ask, "Why do you want to admire and lust after JBs"

    Why don't we just say, "We hate holes, so we want to dominate and control them, which is why we lust after JBs, who are the easiest for us to exploit"? Might as well give up on talking about love, or cooperation, or mutual benefit, or anything like that, and just skip straight to...
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    Any of you guys want to take over the RGIF Rabbit stream?

    It'll probably get shut down but we might have a good run first. @Robtical @Cancel Let me know and I'll give you credentials. After it's shut down, we'll just link our rabbit icon to NEET's page, since we've decided to be buddies with them again. I'm unilerally declaring to be a...
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    Pertinent Onion article

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    The reason why JB pics and vids make people "uncomfortable"

    @Mainländer Older holes feel uncomfortable when they realize men like those girls, given that they've lost their youthful looks and can't regain them. (JBs themselves don't feel uncomfortable about the idea of men looking at JB pics; in fact, they're glad for it, because it gives...
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    SHOAHED The cute gymnast megathread

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    We've witnessed a complete inversion of normal and healthy reproductive practices and preferences

    @Mainländer Men should be banging young girls, to produce healthy babies. But instead we have a situation where lusting after young girls is shamed, and we're encouraged instead to worship and compliment older foids, like this Jewish hag. We see this in a lot of pop culture -- like that film...