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    Coy Sexy back thread

    Don't play some sexy music while masturbating to this; that's what a pedophile would do. I can't tell you how many times I've fapped to this, is what a pedophile would say
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    JFL Dance (animated)

    It's not pelvic gyrations. It's a dance performance of over 10 million views with 35k upvotes. Seems like pedophilia will be added to the alphabet soup in no time. LGBTP I doubt even most porn vids generated a comparable amount of fappening
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    Sassy girls practicing future Stacy poses

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    JBpill You know you're a pedo when... look up completely innocent and sweet picture of little girls and you get pissed off when you see adult foids. Fuck off roastie.
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    Don't you wish you were the...

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    Nice tits Babyfaced with boobs

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    JBpill [Meme megathread]

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    What's your view on lolicon

    I'm not really for the anime loli's but I really liked a video of some Disney harlots. It was up for a long time with lots of views and now it's gone within the last few days. Probably taken down because had toddler Elsa and Anna quite a few times, and Rapunzel getting fucked by some lucky boys...
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    What do you think of flat-chested porn?

    If I gained enough weight, I'd easily boobmog these bitches. Just cropping their boobs make me wonder if it's a mini-foid or a boy.
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    Short-shorts Yet another yoga challenge

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    Romeo and Juliet laws

    Look them up. If sex and consent is so important, then how is it that these so called "kids" can consent to sex when they're that age but not with adults who could guide them and might be able to more easily provide things if help was needed? Driving to homes, to doctors, to grocery stores...
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    If I had to live life over again in this day and age...

    ...I'd make sure to get as much sexting as possible through any means necessary. Drugs? Alcohol? Candy? whatever it was, I'd pimp the fuck out of these young harlots.
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    TeeHee "You can't make an industry around pedophilia!" - normies

    Lupe Fuentes - Wikipedia -
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    Innocent Milk thread

    It's sweet creamy milk you sick fucks, not hot sticky cum dripping down her beautiful face.
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    School photos

    One of my favorite pastimes was going through yearbooks and old class photos and jack off to all the foids I never got to rape. I'd start from kindergarten and go up a day each day. Too bad that now all are old and have used up all the good years of their lives.
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    Beautiful Different age of girls (vintage photo)

    Love photos of this
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    Cuteness in girl's clothing

    Honestly the cuter a girl's clothes, the more whorish she is. It's a balancing act of misdirection. Since children can't actually advertise their sexual availability, they have to do it subconsciously.
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    Examples of JB in normie media

    (Adapted from my "Prophecy of the Insects" thread) Dear reader, consider the prevalence and scale of the various normie media: Hairlessness, petite, and teen in porn and models Smooth soft skin and creams, cosmetics, and lotion Surgery to emphasize youth and "anti-aging" Young small bodies...