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  1. blkpillpres

    Like OMG Use DeepNude On Bikini Images

    =1&o=date"]Search results for query: bikini I haven't been on here in a while, I bring gifts Downloading both, will test in sandboxie, may have viruses, you can be sure people will capitalize on the desire for this software to spread viruses, be careful when testing them yourself or avoid them...
  2. blkpillpres

    JBpill I Got A 40% Warning On For Posting This JFL

    TBH I'm too worried to post it now, because even though its fake cg, the stuff looks pretty realistic Just go on (anonymous search engine) and search "hermione alex fakes", select images, and make sure to switch "Safe Search" to "off" It should be the 2nd row of images, Hermoine...
  3. blkpillpres

    Fantasy This YT Vid IS Pretty Fappable JFL

    This is not the fappable video, the one below it is So I'm watching this vid where this moral fag cuck is in distress about pedos and hebos exploiting the fact that one can simply jerk off to legal videos of teens that aren't implicitly sexual, he's found all these videos on youtube and...
  4. blkpillpres

    JBpill How To Download Without Downloading

    @Leucosticte thread here is what brought this "trick" back into my memory - Most of you have likely already thought of this I used to browse the deep web a bit (using Tor), I never found anything worth...
  5. blkpillpres

    JFL How Is This Shit Legal? (CandyDoll Idols, ID = CDCL) (transfer over to You searched for cdcl - 同人 Doujin.Blog I just stumbled upon this shit and I'm just wondering, how the fuck is it legal, like it doesn't even make sense, isn't this clearly JB doing gravure shoots, or are they just legally aged girls that look that...
  6. blkpillpres

    Like OMG Looks Like Legal JB Porn Is Just Around The Corner (I give it 20 years)

    (Repost from, more relevant to this forum) I didn't even think something like this would even be possible yet, shit is moving fast. I cant wait for the software to reach that point, "distribution" of "underaged porn" is gonna drop because people are just going to be generating it...
  7. blkpillpres

    JBpill Lolicon Music Thread

    These two are my favs, only ones I know of actually: #2 Oingo Boingo - Little Girls #1 Junior Tucker - 16 (His cover of "Into The Night" by Benny Mardones) This is one of my fav songs period, and my #1 JB love song Best part is at 1:16 till 1:41
  8. blkpillpres

    JBpill I Think There Is An "Age Sweet Spot" For The Best JB Fuck You Can Have

    All jail bait is good jail bait at the end of the day, but I think the sweet spot for the most enjoyable experience is around age 13 Here's why: Young enough that there's innocence, old enough that you can see said innocence turn into lust If you are having sex with a female who is 12 or...