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    TeeHee "You can't make an industry around pedophilia!" - normies

    I'll have to add these to the list "schoolgirl" "barely legal" "petite" "lbs" (since you usually get some really small looking foids there) Like there's even a normie site called "clubseventeen" and it's just fucking lol at how pedophilia and JB isn't accepted in society, yet it actually is.
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    Nice tits Babyfaced with boobs

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    JBpill [Meme megathread]

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    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    Anything I say will be elaboration on this. Curious - what are the families of these white jbs like when it comes to money and reputation?
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    What's your view on lolicon

    I'm not really for the anime loli's but I really liked a video of some Disney harlots. It was up for a long time with lots of views and now it's gone within the last few days. Probably taken down because had toddler Elsa and Anna quite a few times, and Rapunzel getting fucked by some lucky boys...
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    Beautiful The pre-teen walking on the beach megathread

    So apparently this angel on earth's name is Kristina Pimenova and she does have some topless pics on DuckDuckGo (all completely non-sexual in case there were some sick pedophiles lurking this place)
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    What do you think of flat-chested porn?

    If I gained enough weight, I'd easily boobmog these bitches. Just cropping their boobs make me wonder if it's a mini-foid or a boy.
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    Short-shorts Yet another yoga challenge

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    Does anyone else here have that fetish where when they see a girl with a tight ass they just kinda want to lick it?

    I don't like the question since by saying it's a "fetish" means that it's somehow unnatural or wrong. This is me all the time. I think they'd be nothing better than having a girl do a strip show for you, teasing you with her tight little ass and then have you peel off her skin-tight pants...
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    JBpill Lolicon Music Thread

    Rockstarmax :unsure:
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    If you had a teenage daughter and could get her pregnant without there being a risk of birth defects, how badly would you want to do it?

    not sure how to answer the question but if I was even asking such a question to myself, the answer would be "extremely badly" I doubt I'd want to fuck my own child since I don't know what she would look like, but if she was hot or looked like some cousins, of fucking course.
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    Video The ice bath challenge megathread

    Love how she raises her leg up
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    Video The pool game megathread

    Firstly, I'd fuck them all 1) Love the white bikini body, the bubbly personality of the middle, and the hair of the other (though she seems kinda shy but lol at not jumping in at the end) Love how the mom or older sister is begind the camera. (i guess older foids are good for something) 2) Like...
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    Video The bottle flip challenge megathread

    About how the girls are sitting. Reminds me of the foids in school who knew damn well their panties were shown and never cared.
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    Video The little girls doing gymnastics megathread

    5:30 for the ass shots
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    Gymnastics The cute gymnast megathread

    Damn, that's some long hair. Have to braid that else it would get tangled up during sex
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    Yoga The outdoors yoga challenge megathread

    Would drive me wild if they wore those kind of dresses but no panties.
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    Video The couples yoga challenge megathread

    Harlots post vids like this knowing that gallons of cum will be spilled over them. Wonder if they ever considered doing it nude and then saying "naturalism" and "nudism"
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    Milfs Are Overrated

    Only reason I'd go for a milf is to get to her kids