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  1. Leucosticte

    Fantasy This YT Vid IS Pretty Fappable JFL

    Or, it just gives him an excuse to watch that stuff on YouTube.
  2. Leucosticte

    Fantasy This YT Vid IS Pretty Fappable JFL

    He's probably just trying to fit in with the rest of the cucklords over there.
  3. Leucosticte

    Fantasy This YT Vid IS Pretty Fappable JFL

    Here she is trying on some outfits for her mom: I think the Chad is Cole Galotti.
  4. Leucosticte

    Video The two girls doing a yoga challenge with the camera on the floor megathread

    Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from.
  5. Leucosticte

    JBpill Transgenderism x pedophilia

    It's a good point. The LGBT movement has gone down the road of saying even minors can realize they're transgender; plus, they want to intervene before boys reach puberty and testosterone turns them irreversibly into men. But people refuse to say that minors can realize they're attracted to adults.
  6. Leucosticte

    Gymnastics The pair of girls doing bedroom gymnastics megathread

    Did you at least save the vids?!
  7. Leucosticte

    Milfs Are Overrated

    The milf thing is a major cope for not having access to cute JBs.
  8. Leucosticte

    The reason why JB pics and vids make people "uncomfortable"

    I wasn't really talking about you so much as these people we run into in the rabbit streams.
  9. Leucosticte

    The reason parents dress their little girls up like sluts is

    They feel proud of their daughter's body, which they produced with their genetics; and they get off on admiring their own daughter's sexy body, and on showing her off to others, and getting attention that way; and They want their daughter to already start getting the benefits that come from...
  10. Leucosticte

    JBpill When people ask, "Why do you want to admire and lust after JBs"

    Why don't we just say, "We hate holes, so we want to dominate and control them, which is why we lust after JBs, who are the easiest for us to exploit"? Might as well give up on talking about love, or cooperation, or mutual benefit, or anything like that, and just skip straight to...
  11. Leucosticte

    Any of you guys want to take over the RGIF Rabbit stream?

    It'll probably get shut down but we might have a good run first. @Robtical @Cancel Let me know and I'll give you credentials. After it's shut down, we'll just link our rabbit icon to NEET's page, since we've decided to be buddies with them again. I'm unilerally declaring to be a...
  12. Leucosticte

    Pertinent Onion article

  13. Leucosticte

    The reason why JB pics and vids make people "uncomfortable"

    @Mainländer Older holes feel uncomfortable when they realize men like those girls, given that they've lost their youthful looks and can't regain them. (JBs themselves don't feel uncomfortable about the idea of men looking at JB pics; in fact, they're glad for it, because it gives...
  14. Leucosticte

    The successful failure at a yoga challenge megathread

    @Mainländer @Cancel @Robtical What do you think of their attempts at the 7m mark? They made a good effort at least, huh? Imagine joining them in this yoga challenge.