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    JBpill Incel Music - If You Want JB

    I gotta make a Bitchute account.
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    Why can't I have a lime?

    I prefer this version.
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    A classic post from

    That's liberals' favorite game. In my first day of college there was a black lives matter type of event there and they were bragging about making "white racists" (according to them of course) become unemployed.
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    A classic post from

    I wonder how I missed that one back then. I think I was absent from the site for a month before my trip to Germany. Why did you pull out of your congressional run at the last minute again?
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    Nice tits Babyfaced with boobs

    Looks like Miss Alli, if anyone knows her.
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    Yoga The 29 million views for a hole doing a handstand while her daughter sucks her tits megathread

    It's impossible not to see a sexual innuendo on that tbh.
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    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    They are middle-class and above, some are rich.
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    What's your view on lolicon

    I like it, but I very, very rarely fap to it.
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    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    No one is fucking 12-15 prime-aged, white foids from the upper stratas of society. Among the favela population, almost exclusively constituted of nonwhites, foids are commonly pregnant at as soon as 12, but such things never ever happen with white girls from middle classe and above. No one is...
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    JBpill Transgenderism x pedophilia

    Feminists/liberals/progressives oppose any kind of pedophile practice (even peck-kissing 17 yo foids as an adult male, which qualifies as pedophilia for them) with the argument that such relationships cause trauma. But what about the transgender shit they want to push onto little children? It's...
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    Romeo and Juliet laws

    Because those laws are not based on biology or logic but rather based on feminist theories such as "power unbalance" caused by age discrepancy.
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    JFL How did IT get here?

    It actually took quite a while.
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    Best face, change my mind.

    She looks like an angel. Her very existence feels like a great injustice.
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    JFL The best response to a JB pic ever

    OP: "Take off your shirt, raise it in the air and start spinning it" Fourth reply: "I'm at home, 7 AM, haven't slept for God knows how long, dick is rock hard, living in a hole where AoC is 14, only slutty rotten nigger foids whose mileage are in the thousands and then a motherfucker comes...