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    Bikini The nice body megathread

    Jaw mogs me
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    Dance video The blonde dancing to catchy tune megathread

    future chad's cumbucket
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    Rules / Intro

    rules unclear, gassed 50 kikes
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    Most girls will lose their virginity as teens

    fuck, i remember my hot cousin making moves on me, when i was little and my autism caused me not to realise it
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    Most girls will lose their virginity as teens

    i was a cute child, then puberty hit and i became 5'2 turbomidget. it never began
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    SHOAHED The cute Latina in shirt and panties megathread

    first i would insert objects in her vagina, so the vagina can be resilient and strong, then i would kiss her on the lips and put my hands in her pants. after training i would take her out for ice cream or whatever she desires, over time she will build a connection. i will starve her in terms of...
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    SHOAHED The sierpnia megathread

    i would love to go balls deep inside her
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    [Poll] How nepiophilic are you?

    i'd be gentle and train her, don't want her to get hurt tbh
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    [Poll] How pedophilic are you?

    i wanna rape a 7 y/o tbh, i'll probably grow out of it as i age