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    Where is everyone?

    This site is just not very popular so it doesn't have a lot of posters, and updates.
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    Anyone Else Have A Fantasy ?

    Anyone else have a fantasy about getting a cute JB, and then training her to be your personal fuck toy, and then knocking her up ?
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    I Wish People Would Realize

    I wish people would realize how many JBs actually want to have sex with older men. That they actually aren't the innocence angels that a lot of people make them out to be.
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    I Think That Part Of The Reason

    I think that part of the reason that we will never see age of consent be lowered is that there is a lot of women who don't want the extra competition because it could hurt their SMV.
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    A Lot Of Men Don't Want To Admit It

    A lot of men don't want to admit it, but if it was legal and socially acceptable they would totally go after the JB ass.
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    I'm Glad

    True, but just the fact that the site exists is enough for some people to want to take it down.
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    What's your view on lolicon

    I fapped to it once, but I'm not that into it.
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    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    No ones is fucking them because they are afraid of going to jail.
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    What do you think of flat-chested porn?

    I think that flat chested porn is okay, I'm just not that into it.
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    I'm Glad

    I'm glad that the site hasn't been taken down yet.
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    JBpill Transgenderism x pedophilia

    We are at a really weird point in history on what is found acceptable by society.
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    Milfs Are Overrated

    I personally feel like Milfs are overrated, and I'm tired of people acting like all Milfs are sexy when they aren't. Only some Milfs still good looking enough to still be fuckable.
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    Yoga The 29 million views for a hole doing a handstand while her daughter sucks her tits megathread

    It's amazing that this is consider socially acceptable.
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    JFL How Is This Shit Legal? (CandyDoll Idols, ID = CDCL)

    It's legal because it's just modeling.
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    JB Girls Are The Best

    JB Girls are the best they help make life bearable.