The reason parents dress their little girls up like sluts is


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  1. They feel proud of their daughter's body, which they produced with their genetics; and they get off on admiring their own daughter's sexy body, and on showing her off to others, and getting attention that way; and
  2. They want their daughter to already start getting the benefits that come from being regarded as a desirable sexual object, even before she hits puberty; and they want to train her to use her sexiness to her advantage even from a young age.
When you admire little girls' sexiness, therefore, you're doing exactly what the parents wanted you to do, the only exception being if you have nothing to offer them or their little girl. But even if you're just watching them on YouTube, you're contributing to their YouTube popularity, and no one knows for sure how many of those hits are from ugly and therefore "perverted" men rather than desirable men who have something to offer.